Introducing the All New Adrian Steel Designed Grip-Lock Ladder Rack for Ford Low Roof Transit

Available as a single or double rack

Grip-Lock Rack

Benefits of the Grip-Lock Ladder Rack

  • More People Can Safely Use Our Grip-Lock – With the Adrian Steel Grip-Lock Ladder Rack, average height people can safely operate the rack with both feet on the ground. We don’t want customers to slip, trip or fall down because they have to climb tires or bumpers to reach their ladder. Unlike our competitors, our rack stows the ladder 4”-6” lower because of our unique tilt-angle design.
  • Decrease the Risk of Down Time, Increase Efficiency – With the Adrian Steel Grip-Lock Ladder Rack, customers will never lift the entire weight of the ladder onto the rack again. It was designed to allow customers to safely use two hands, while eliminating straining and overreaching that, after time, can cause injury.
  • Top Performance – Customers also need to trust the rack on top of their cargo van will keep their ladder secure over time. The Adrian Steel Grip-Lock Ladder Rack is our most durable and corrosion-resistant grip lock rack yet. Tested under extreme real-world conditions like cycle testing, corrosion testing and road testing, it’s just the rack customers need if they want it to work all day, every day like it did on day one.

How to Operate: Adrian Steel’s Grip Lock Ladder Rack from Adrian Steel Company on Vimeo.