An Autonomous Ford is Headed Your Way!

Ford outlines plans to create a fleet of driverless vehicles.


Ford intends to have a high-volume, fully autonomous vehicle in commercial operation as part of a ride-hailing or ride-sharing service in 2021. You’ll likely be able to just enter your destination and let the car do the rest.

The nature of ownership is changing, Ford CEO Mark Fields pointed out in a recent speech. More and more people rely on shared forms of transportation. That means cars will be used more efficiently, decreasing pollution, saving people time hunting for parking and helping reduce traffic congestion all over the world, making life better for all of us.

Self-driving cars are a dramatic change, but the Ford autonomous vehicle team feels that people will quickly adapt, based on previous innovations. “When we first came out with anti-lock brakes, a lot of people were unsure about them,” says Ford Senior Technical Leader Jim McBride, “but then it became obvious that they were far superior to humans in braking.”

And as Fields said, this can provide us with more freedom than ever in history: “Autonomous vehicles will open up opportunities for the elderly, people with disabilities and people not yet old enough to drive themselves.”

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