EarthRoamer Announces Release of 2017 XV-LTS

The 2017 EarthRoamer XV-LTS is loaded with new features. Starting with the biggest upgrade, Ford has completely redesigned its Super Duty truck line for 2017. Taking cues from the best-selling F-150, the new Super Duty is constructed with a high-strength, military grade, aluminum alloy body. Accompanying the new body is an all-new high-strength steel frame. Together, the new body and frame reduce overall weight while increasing strength and rigidity. Other improvements include a powertrain delivering 330 horsepower and 750 foot pounds of torque to the tires, an upgraded driveline that supports a higher maximum Gross Combination Weight Rating and larger, more powerful brakes.

Not to be outdone, EarthRoamer added an array of new upgrades to the 2017 XV-LTS. A completely redone front-end includes a new bumper with an integrated 40” curved LED light bar, all new off-road lighting package and new fender flares. Along with the new front-end, a new EarthRoamer gauge cluster and control panel fit seamlessly into the redesigned center console of the 2017 F-550.

“We took cues from the angular look of the new Ford F-550 to inspire the design of our new front bumper and fender flares, to create a cohesive look for the 2017 EarthRoamer.” – Tyler Tatro, President & COO of EarthRoamer

The first 2017 EarthRoamer XV-LTS rolled off the production line this week. Visit for more information and how to order.


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