2014 F-550 Diesel Aluminum Jerr-Dan Carrier Rollback Wrecker Flatbed Tow Truck

You don’t come by a used tow-truck like this often. Or, EVER!!!! Check out the “Mullet of Work Trucks” I just listed on eBay! New business opportunity anyone?

This F-550 is the “Mullet” of trucks! Business up front, party in the back (or maybe in this case it’s the other way around? Who knows…oh, well)! The “business up front”: This 2014 F-550 Regular 2WD features the 6.7L Powerstroke engine with 300HP and 660 lb.-ft. of torque and the Torqshift® 6-Speed Selectshift® Automatic transmission is engineered for high-torque performance and dependability. Other options include power equipment group, 19,500# GVWR package, power take-off provision and 19.5 polished aluminum wheels. Now for the “Party in back”: When you need to get the job done, count on Jerr-Dan 6 Ton Aluminum carriers. They are exceptionally engineered to be tough and reliable. This 19’x96” aluminum deck is constructed of extruded floor planks and has 12,000 lb. capacities. Jerr-Dan’s No-Lube™ slide pads and pivot joints on the subframe drastically reduce maintenance costs over the life of the carrier. Jerr-Dan also provide best-in-class workmanship, paint finish, and hose/harness tracking systems. With their exclusive patented Galvanized Steel Beam Technology™, you’ll get unparalleled strength compared to any aluminum carrier design in the industry. As far as condition goes, other than saying “we RARELY EVER see a used truck this nice”, I’ll let the pictures do the talking! Any other questions, give me a ring! This F-550 Tow Truck is set and ready to ship your way! Berge Ford Fleet ships “Work-Trucks on Demand” across the nation almost every day. Please contact Sean Mellor at (480) 497-7545 to inquire about shipping. Sale price good for vehicles registered in the U.S. only. For more information, answers to your questions, and to verify this vehicle is right for the demands of your job, please give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
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